Stop Asthma Attacks
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Dr. Alper Bozkurt and Dr. Veena Misra lead team developing new devices and wearables capable of predicting and preventing asthma attacks.
Stop Asthma Attacks

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Nominate your favorite ECE graduate for the 2016 ECE Alumni Hall of Fame. This extraordinary honor inspires our current students and celebrates the accomplishments of our outstanding graduates who use their education to excel in a profession, career, or service. Submit your nominations by August 1, 2016.

The Graduate Program in NC State University's College of Engineering ranks among the nation's top 25 graduate engineering programs by GraduatePrograms. com, a product of SR Education Group. The website's 2016 rankings put the College's graduate... [full story]
In a partnership melding neuroscience and electrical engineering, researchers from UNC-Chapel Hill and NC State University have developed a new technology that will allow neuroscientists to capture images of the brain almost 10 times larger than... [full story]
Research can make for strange partnerships. Edgar Lobaton is an electrical and computer engineering researcher at NC State University who specializes in robotics, sensors and computer vision. Tom Marchittoc is a geological sciences researcher at CU... [full story]
Researchers from North Carolina State University's Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering have developed a new tool for detecting and measuring the polarization of light based on a single spatial sampling of the light, rather than... [full story]

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