Stop Asthma Attacks
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Dr. Alper Bozkurt and Dr. Veena Misra lead team developing new devices and wearables capable of predicting and preventing asthma attacks.
Stop Asthma Attacks

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Nominate your favorite ECE graduate for the 2016 ECE Alumni Hall of Fame. This extraordinary honor inspires our current students and celebrates the accomplishments of our outstanding graduates who use their education to excel in a profession, career, or service. Submit your nominations by August 1, 2016.

Thirty-one College faculty members were recognized for their outstanding mentorship at the spring faculty meeting. To honor their accomplishments, each individual became recipients of the inaugural Faculty-2-Faculty Mentor Recognition. Of those who... [full story]
Cirrus Logic, a premier supplier of high performance, low-power integrated circuits (IC) for audio and voice signal processing applications, recruits and hires more graduates of NC State University than any other school. Electrical and Computer... [full story]
This past week, IEEE has awarded Dr. Alper Bozkurt with the 2016 IEEE Sensors Council Young Professional Award for his outstanding research, teaching, and outreach performance.  His leadership in innovating novel bionic cyberphysical... [full story]
A true success - on June 13-15, 2016, over 80 participants, 11 from outside the US, attended the 1st International Symposium on 3D Power Electronics Integration and Manufacturing (www. 3D-PEIM. org) in Raleigh, North Carolina. The symposium offered... [full story]

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