Internet of Energy
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FREEDM is working to recreate the power grid on many fronts, from the creation of new devices that will allow energy to flow in more than one direction to the development of the software architecture that will give the smart grid its brainpower.
The Internet of Energy

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Dr. Yan Solihin, professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at NC State University, has been listed in the "HPCA Hall of Fame" which recognizes authors who have published six or more papers in HPCA over its 20 years of existence.... [full story]
It only takes a power outage of a few minutes in the middle of a busy workday to drive home the hazards of relying on an energy infrastructure rooted in the Industrial Age. Without the electricity delivered over the nation's power grid, commerce... [full story]
Artificial Intelligence is a fast growing field. There are numerous cognitively inspired machine learning algorithms that attempt to model aspects of the human brain, several of which have had significant commercial and/or research success.... [full story]
The NSF Nanosystems Engineering Research Center for Advanced Self-Powered Systems of Integrated Sensors and Technologies (ASSIST) welcomes Jason Strohmaier, a Maryland native, as the newly appointed Chief Systems Engineer. Strohmaier, holder of... [full story]
We are pleased to announce that effective February 1, 2015, Dr. Paul Franzon has been named Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering. This is the culmination of a process that included recommendation by a committee of peers,... [full story]

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