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ECE Students who have turned plywood, simple circuits and plastic into tools for creation, expression and personal safety were recently featured at the NC MakerFaire.
Making a Difference

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With the proliferation of wireless devices - particularly smart phones - the demand for wireless data, and thus for wireless bandwidth, keeps growing exponentially. Unfortunately, the public radio spectrum on which all wireless data travels is... [full story]
NC State's "VitalFlo" project led by ECE alumnus (BS EE 2010) -- and current ECE graduate assistant --  James Dieffenderfer has won the first prize of $150,000 from the Center for Integration of Medicine and Innovative... [full story]
Dr. Michael Kudenov, assistant professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at North Carolina State University, has been awarded a Young Investigator Program award from both the US Air Force Office of Scientific Research... [full story]
Like color or brightness, polarization is an intrinsic property of light. The polarization angle of a light wave describes the orientation of its electric field. Although human eyes are not sensitive to polarization, many animals - including... [full story]
North Carolina State University researchers have developed methods for electronically manipulating the flight muscles of moths and for monitoring the electrical signals moths use to control those muscles. The work opens the door to the development... [full story]

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