ECE Department Headlines

June 2014

From left: Dr. Paul Franzon, David Winick and Shep Pitts Raising Dots, Opening Doors - Dr. Peichun Yang learned Braille at the Rehabilitation Center for the Blind in North Carolina. An NC State materials science and … [full story]

Demonstration of the prototype. Recharging without stopping - Researchers at NC State have been working on an exciting new technology that would make electric cars much more attractive. Their … [full story]

May 2014

This schematic diagram of a small power system network highlights the complexity of the grid. Image credit: Aranya Chakrabortty. Distributed Computing As Defense against Cyberattacks on Power Grids - Imagine a cyberattack that does serious damage to the U.S. power grid. The results wouldn't be pretty. The power grid is complicated… [full story]

(from left) Kurt Saenger-Heyl, Jeffrey Allgeyer, Kyle Barth, and Paula McDonald ECE Announces Senior Award Winners - The ECE department would like to congratulate this year's winners of the ECE Senior Awards: Citizenship and Service: Kurt Saenger-Heyl … [full story]

Dog wearing sensor harness. Photo credit: Alper Bozkurt. Featured Article Dogs, Technology and the Future of Disaster Response - Imagine a team of humans, dogs, robots and drones swooping onto the scene in the aftermath of a disaster and working together to … [full story]

Tahmid Latif ECE Student Wins Graduate Student Research Symposium - ECE PhD student Tahmid Latif won first place in the Engineering division at the 2014 NC State Graduate Student Research Symposium[full story]

April 2014

Executive Associate Dean of Engineering Dr. John Gilligan (left) presents the award to Richard Hodson. ECE Staffer Wins 2014 College of Engineering Award for Excellence - The College of Engineering at North Carolina State University gave three outstanding staff members Awards for Excellence at a ceremony … [full story]

Michael McKnight ECE Student Named NSF Research Fellow - The National Science Foundation has awarded its prestigious Graduate Research Fellowship to 17 students who completed or will soon … [full story]

By coating polar gallium nitride with phosphonic groups, the researchers increased luminescence without increasing energy input. (Image: Stewart Wilkins) New Technique Makes LEDs Brighter, More Resilient - Researchers from North Carolina State University have developed a new processing technique that makes light emitting diodes (LEDs) brighter … [full story]

Dr. Robert Trew Trew and former students awarded Microwave Pioneer Award - Dr. Robert Trew, the Alton and Mildred Lancaster Distinguished Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at … [full story]

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