ECE Department Headlines

September 2014

Dieffenderfer demonstrates their device. VitalFlo Wins $150,000 First Prize in CIMIT Competition - NC State's "VitalFlo" project led by ECE alumnus (BS EE 2010) … [full story]

Dr. Michael Kudenov Kudenov receives Young Investigator Awards from both Air Force & Navy - Dr. Michael Kudenov, assistant professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at North Carolina State University… [full story]

Image credit: Brett Pantalone. Polarization Imaging Reveals New Views of Hunt Library - Like color or brightness, polarization is an intrinsic property of light. The polarization angle of a light wave describes the orientation … [full story]

Electrodes are attached while the moth is still in its cocoon. Photo: Alper Bozkurt. Research Paves Way for Cyborg Moth ‘Biobots’ - North Carolina State University researchers have developed methods for electronically manipulating the flight muscles of moths and for … [full story]

The transistors are formed by the vertical red bars in the image, which are 15nm wide (though designers use the term Researchers Roll Out Free Software to Advance Computer Chip Design - Engineering researchers have developed new software, called FreePDK15, to facilitate chip design - and are making it freely available … [full story]

The cyber-integration of dogs, drones and humanoids (Atlas from Boston Dynamics) during Smart America Expo Smart America Challenge: “the Internet of Things” - Imagine vehicles that can make their own way through a battlefield to pick up the wounded, health information that follows patients … [full story]

June 2014

Image: David Ricketts. Crossing the Goal Line: New Tech Tracks Football in 3-D Space - Referees may soon have a new way of determining whether a football team has scored a touchdown or gotten a first down. Researchers … [full story]

Kyle McKenzie and Corey Meade A Makers’ Place - MakerFaire, the nationwide network of do-it-yourself showcases, is a celebration of all things made. And NC State is the university … [full story]

REAL is a remotely-controlled testing facility that allows students, professors and private companies from around the world to test prototype antennas for wireless devices. Photo credit: Becky Kirkland. Lab Allows ‘Hands-On’ Testing of Antennas from Thousands of Miles Away - Imagine a lab that gives scientists the opportunity to do "hands-on" testing from thousands of miles away. Researchers at NC State … [full story]

From left: Dr. Paul Franzon, David Winick and Shep Pitts Raising Dots, Opening Doors - Dr. Peichun Yang learned Braille at the Rehabilitation Center for the Blind in North Carolina. An NC State materials science and … [full story]

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