ECE Department Headlines

September 2015

Dr. Subhashish Bhattacharya Lowering the Cost of Energy-Efficient Embedded Computer Systems - Electrical and computer engineers at North Carolina State University have developed a new technique for creating less-expensive, low-power … [full story]

August 2015

Image credit: Scott Feldstein via Flickr Algorithm Interprets Breathing Difficulties to Aid in Medical Care - Researchers from North Carolina State University have developed an efficient algorithm that can interpret the wheezing of patients with … [full story]

Bobby Compton ECE Welcomes New Faculty - The NC State University Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is pleased to announce the addition of two new faculty members: … [full story]

An illustration of the Mobile Energy Generator Mobile Energy Generator to Bring Electricity to People Without It - In developing nations, masses of underserved populations are now getting electricity for the first time - from solar and batteries. … [full story]

Lopamudra Kundu with her winning research ECE Student Recognized by Graduate School for Research on Wireless Communication - The proliferation of wireless communication technologies has people around the world clamoring for faster download speeds. The main … [full story]


Engineering students, from left, Josh Giron, Morgan Kaman, Mattia Muller and Kyle Vey created a discreet way to help women remember to take their birth control pill. Students Create App to Improve Success of Birth Control Pill Regimens - A team of NCSU engineering students, including two from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, tackled the problem … [full story]

ECE graduate Suraaj Doshi (left) and Kyle Linton of Nicotrax. Photo courtesy of Kyle Linton. Click to enlarge. Former Students Launch Company Aiming to Help Smokers Kick the Habit - Old habits are hard to break - and few habits are as hard to break as smoking cigarettes. But new technology could help people … [full story]

Fig. 1. The Structure of the Smart Battery Gauge Technology Smart Battery Gauge Technology: From Research Innovation To Commercial Application - Electricity production from wind, solar and other renewable resources has increased significantly in recent years to meet the renewable … [full story]

Associate Professor Do Young Eun ECE Researchers Investigate Social Networks in Award-Winning Paper - Congratulations to ECE PhD student Xin Xu and Associate Professor Do Young Eun - the Best Paper Award winners at the IEEE International … [full story]

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