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Spring Semester

Prof. Escuti teaches the advanced special-topics course "Soft Electronics: Organic Devices & Liquid Crystal Displays" (ECE-592-S for graduate and ECE-492-S for undergraduate students). This course focuses on the foundational principles of organic electronic and photonic devices, whose operation is fundamentally based on “soft” condensed-matter principles and materials. A set of NSF-sponsored laboratory experiments a the major feature of the course, where students will each fabricate the following devices:

  • a single-pixel liquid crystal display
  • a polymer light-emitting-diode
  • an organic photovoltaic solar cell
  • a polymer field-effect-transistor.

Fall Semester

Prof. Escuti serves as one of the instructors in the sophomore course "Introduction to Electrical Circuits, Signals, and Systems" (ECE-200), a key foundation of the ECE curriculum.


Spring Semester

Prof. Escuti occasionally teaches the advanced special-topics course "Optical-Fiber Communications" ([1]) for undergraduates.

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