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Lab:Cleaning Schedule


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This page contains the schedule and duties for our routine cleaning of our laboratory. It is "living" document, and should be revised by all OLEGers as needed.


Due Date Principal
26 May 2009 MJE
02 June CO
09 June JK
16 June RK
23 June EN
30 June BC
07 July MJE
14 July CO
21 July JK
28 July RK
04 August EN
11 August BC
18 August MJE
25 August CO
01 September JK
08 September RK
15 September EN
22 September BC

Duty Checklist

Do not disturb any experimental set-ups without permission from those involved

  1. Clean and tidy all work surfaces and heavily trafficked areas
    • processing area, soldering area, entry/storage areas
    • clean the clear shied of the fume hood (must use the anti-static cleaning solution for both inside and outside)
    • clean (w/ 409) wooden benches, black benches, clean bench
    • empty, rinse, refill ultrasonic bath; refill extra water bottle
    • refill solvent bottles if less than half full
  2. Return all tools to their home in the tool cabinet, soldering area, etc.
  3. Vacuum and/or sweep floors (sweeper is next to front door; shopvac is near tool cabinet)
  4. Put any left-over shipping/delivery boxes outside for pickup
  5. Review lab supplies checklist