December 20, 2014, Saturday, 353



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This will be a notepad for our 15 Jan 08 OLEG meeting.

  • A wiki improvement session is needed - e.g. all sit together in one spot and work on different parts.
  • The following lab jobs need to be distributed
    • [Jihwan, by Friday] The processing area needs a general cleaning such as floor sweeping and table top scrubbing.
    • [Elena, by Friday] Check the UV light coverings in the fume hood and clean bench.
    • [BLC, next week] Installing another air gun.
    • [Chulwoo, end of Jan] Need N2 for polymerization chamber
    • [BLC, next week] Make a design for raising the fume hood as we discussed on Friday to allow for easier access to the spin coater.
    • [Ravi, by Friday] Need copyright coversheets prepared (MJE has format) for all our publications, and need PDFs to be uploaded to current and wiki websites.