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Lab:Vendor List


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List of Vendors:

Vendor Contact Account Products Notes
Fisher Sci 800-766-7000 656 525 047 General lab supplies including solvents,
pipettes, microscope slides, kimwipes, hotplates, etc.
MJE can automatically order online (send him part numbers directly). Acct. No. changed 28 May 09.
McMaster-Carr 404-629-6500 208518400 Tools, raw metal & plastic, storage bins, etc.
Newport 800-222-6440 1016344 Most optics and opto-mechanical
components including all pedestals and posts.
Edmund Ind Opt 800-363-1992 28839 Lower cost optics including mirrors, lenses,
bounts, opto-mechanics, etc.
DigiKey 800-344-4539 3863943 Electronic components for circuits.
Sigma-Aldrich 800-325-3010 49456938 Specialty chemicals and lab supplies including polymers, suractants,
solvernts, indium shot (for soldering), vial storage racks, etc.
The Acct No listed is for all of NCSU. Give them the PIN 386935 to identify OLEG in particular
CVI Laser 505-296-9541 Specialty UV optics and mounts.
Grainger 919-790-0888 808901375 Tools, power equipment, vacuum pumps, etc.
MSC Ind Supply 800-645-7270 2215492 Raw metal &plastic, tools, etc.
Newark 800-463-9275 Test and measurement components including
oscilloscopes, function generators, GPIB interface, etc.
Delta Tech 651-439-5741 ITO glass substrates
Thomas Sci 856-467-2000 UV lamp replacements.
EMD Chemicals (Merck) Liquid Crystals and reactive mesogens MJE will be main contact - please send him requests
Melles Griot 800-835-2626 NOR090 Optics and opto-mechanics, especially sample mounts. Sales(x5159 Mike), Tech Support (x5164 Reda). Use of purchase order limited to >$100
ThosLabs 973-579-7227 187811 Optics, opto-mechanics, photonics, lasers, etc.
Norland Optical Adhesives 609-395-1966 Glue (UV curable optical adhesives) for LC cells, also offers light sources
Ocean Optics Inc 727.733.2447 Spectrometers and measurement Send signed/scanned to
Raleigh Valve & Fitting 919-878-8085 1450 Swagelok and assorted air tube fittings