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Naming Research Papers


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While modern operating systems have excellent search tools, it is still very helpful to have a consistent method to name electronic copies of research papers (e.g. PDFs of journal articles and conference proceedings). However, it is still important to be concise, to enable quick visual searching.

Suggested Style

Journal_Acronym COMMA 2-Digit-Year COMMA First_Author DASH brief_topic_&_keyword_description

Journal Article Example

  • Name: OL,03,Escuti-tunable fcc hpdlc photonic crystal.pdf
  • Original Citation: M J Escuti, J Qi, and G P Crawford, "Tunable face-centered-cubic photonic crystal formed in holographic polymer dispersed liquid crystals," Optics Letters, vol. 28, no. 7, pp. 522-524, 2003.

Conference Proceeding Example

  • Name: SID,06,Jones-first LCPG projector study.pdf
  • Original Citation: W M Jones, B L Conover, and M J Escuti, "Evaluation of projection schemes for the liquid crystal polarization grating operating on unpolarized light," SID Symposium Digest, vol. 37, pp. 1015-1018, 2006.