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Spacer Box


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The purpose of spacer boxes is to spread micro spheres uniformly on substrates. We have several spacer boxes which are for different size of spacers. Each box should be used for one size of spacer only.

Size and Type of Spacers

  • Dry-type spacers
2.6um, 3um, 5um, 6um ... ??? (on the shelf)
  • Liquid-type spacers
0.9um, 1um, ... ??? (in the fridge)


  1. cleaning spacer box using kimwipe with metanol.
  2. place substrates in the box.
  3. pick up small amount of spacers with pipette and blow them using air-gun.
  4. wait 1 min.
  5. check the density and uniformity of spacers using microscope.

spacerbox amount of spacer blowing microscope