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Mr. Ryan "Where-Art-Thou" Going

Contact Information for Ryan W Going

Office: MRC 412
Montieth Research Engineering Center
Phone: +1 919.698.9182
Resume: Resume (updated August 2008)
Curriculum Vitae (updated August 2008)
Research Interests: Optical Trapping, Photonic Devices

Career Goals

After graduating with my B.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering and Applied Mathematics, I plan to attend graduate school to study for my PhD and M.S. in Electrical Engineering with a focus on photonics. I would eventually like to work as a faculty member at a research university to pursue my interests in photonics.

Current Research

My current work involved developing analytic expressions for force and torque to describe a spheroidal dielectric in a highly non-uniform optical field. This is a situation common to many applications of optical trapping technology and I approach this problem using the Maxwell stress tensor and applying simple electrostatic principles to optical fields. While the majority of models in the current literature provide excellent models for spherical particles, this work examines spheroids which are by far more common such as biological cells, nanowires, etc.


  • R. W. Going, B. L. Conover, and M. J. Escuti, "Electrostatic force and torque description of generalized spheroidal particles in optical landscapes," Proceedings of the SPIE – Optics & Photonics Conference, vol. 7038, num. 703880, 2008.