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WOLFSIM is an Open-Source software package, developed by OLEG at NCSU, for numerical modeling of electromagnetic systems, especially 1D and 2D periodic structures in anisotropic media. WOLFSIM provides the wideband spectral response (near-field and far-field) from a single simulation of one period of the structure. A two-dimensional spatial grid is combined with a full three-dimensional permittivity tensor to allow for "2D+" simulation. Oblique source incidence is explicitly incorporated using a modified split-field FDTD method. A full description of this package was published in Optics Express.

WOLFSIM was initiated by a graduate student Chulwoo Oh in the Opto-electronics and Lightwave Engineering Group (OLEG) directed by Dr. Michael Escuti at NC State University. We must mention that WOLFSIM is a software tool for university research purpose and the current version of WOLFSIM is not final and still being developed in the spirit of Open Source. We are grateful to your suggestions for improvement of WOLFSIM.

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