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Our focus is on advanced optical / electrical / fluidic systems with an emphasis on the following elements: “Soft” Materials (liquid crystals, functional polymers), Photonics, Holography, Optical Trapping Effects, and Numerical Simulations.

Funding Agencies & Collaborating Partners

Active Projects

Polarization-Independent LC Microdisplays
Implemented with diffractive LC gratings and transmissive- and reflective-modes, includes fundamental optical and elastic continuum studies
Primary Application Area: Projection Displays
Context keywords: Polarization Gratings, SLMs
Achromatic Polarization Gratings
Design, modeling, and fabrication of achromatic polarization gratings (PGs) in forms of thin polymer films as well as active liquid crystal cells.
Reflective Polarization Gratings
Polarization Gratings on Reflective Substrates (Aluminum, Silicon, etc.)
Low-loss Tunable Optical Filters
Tunable optical filters based on Liquid Crystal Polarization Gratings
Finite-Difference Time-Domain (FDTD) Tool - WOLFSIM
Open-Source code for analyzing anisotropic materials
Theoretical and experimental evaluation of the interaction of optical fields and dielectric particles in micro-scale fluidic systems.
Primary Application Area: Optical Trapping and Manipulation of Nano- and Micro-Particles
Context keywords: Optical Trap, Optical Interference Landscape, Microfluidics
Wide-Angle Beamsteering
An all-optical (non-mechanical) approach to beamsteering in an ultra-thin package
Primary Application Area: non-mechanical optical communication, remote sensing
Context keywords: Polarization Gratings, Beam-Steering, Optical Communication
Imaging Spectrometry
Ultra-compact spectral camera based on low-loss LC tunable optical filters
Primary Application Area: Medical Imaging/Diagnosis, Remote Sensing in Biology and Military
Context keywords: Polarization Gratings, Spectrometry, Spectropolarimetry
Hyperspectral Imaging Polarimetry
Ultra-compact spectral-polarimetric camera having snapshot capability
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Research Technology Primers

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