Welcome to Engineering!

NC State Open House 2014

We believe that visiting campus is one of the best ways for you to get a complete picture of the educational programs we offer in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. We invite you and your family to spend some time with us at NC State during the 2014 College of Engineering Open House. Prospective students and their parents are particularly encouraged to come and learn more about engineering at NC State.

On March 22, 2014 from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, our faculty, staff, and students have arranged an array of presentations and demonstrations that will show you the great variety of things you can do with a degree in electrical or computer engineering. Many of our labs will open their facilities to show you research that's going on in the department right now.

Additionally, a number of our fellow engineering departments will be opening their doors to visitors too. We encourage you to stop by and pay them a visit as well to get a better feeling for the overall academic diversity offered at NC State.

For more information visit http://www.ece.ncsu.edu/calendar/24950.



The ECE Department will be hosting a free reception during the Engineering Open House for all visitors to the department. The reception will be held in the west atrium of Engineering Building II on Centennial Campus. Our faculty and students will greet you there, where you can get a departmental brochure, grab a guide to our labs and displays, and fill up on complimentary refreshments.

Also in the reception area:
FREEDM FREEDM: Researching the nation's smart grid while educating the next generation of engineers. ASSIST ASSIST: Developing nano-enabled energy harvesting, energy storage nanodevices and sensors to create innovative battery-free, body-powered, and wearable health monitoring systems. ECE Student Organizations Student Organizations & Senior Design Projects: Prof. Greg Dunko and students, featuring the IEEE Underwater and Ground Robotics Teams, Elephant Tracking Collar, Sports Rehabilitation Knee Brace, 3D Full-Body Scanner, Light Up Hoodie, and Autonomous Greens Mower at The Troxler Design Center (Room 1003 EB II).

ECE Overview Slideshow

Come learn about Electrical and Computer Engineering, areas of study, and careers. Presented by faculty approximately every 30 minutes, from 9am to 12:30pm, in 1021 EBII.


High Speed and Wireless Networks
Presented by Professor Wenye Wang
Demonstration of distributed energy storage device (DESD) communication, a key enabling technology for a renewable energy distribution. http://www.ece.ncsu.edu/netwis/
Location: 2nd Floor glassed-in area

Open Labs

Open Labs
Heart Monitor
Bioelectric Device
Bioelectric Device
Advanced Diagnosis Automation and Control Lab (ADAC)
Presenters: Professor Mo-Yuen Chow assisted by his ADAC group
Smart energy management and battery monitoring for autonomous electric vehicles.
Location: Room 2040 EB II
Active Robotic Sensing Laboratory (ARoS)
Presenters: Professor Edgar Lobaton and Students
From swarm robotics to humanoids and their applications in every day life. Demo and presentation.
Location: Room 3024 EB II
Biomedical Instrumentation Laboratory (BMIL)
Presenters: Professor Troy Nagle
Demonstration of iPhone-centered medical apps and devices, and examples of medical devices developed by ECE and BME students.
Location: Room 2024 EB II
Engineering computational and analytical methodologies for multi-hierarchical BIological SYStems (EnBiSys)
Presenters: Professor Cranos Williams
A highly collaborative, multidisciplinary research group focused on the development of targeted computational and analytical solutions for modeling and controlling biological systems.
Location: Room 3031 EB II
Information Sciences and Systems Laboratory
Presenter: Professor Huaiyu Dai
Displays on distributed information processing among ad hoc networked wireless devices.
Location: Room 3034 EB II
Integrated Bionic MicroSystems Lab (iBionicS)
Presenter: Professor Alper Bozkurt
Home of wearable, injectable and implantable electronics. Show-and-tell: Household insect pests and pet dogs equipped with mini-transmitters for eventual use in disaster zones.
Location: Room 2038 EB II
Vision, Information and Statistical Signal Theories and Applications (VISSTA)
Presenter: Professor Hamid Krim
Location: Room 3038 EB II

Research Group Presentations

CESR Logo Education and Research in Computer Architecture and Systems - Center for Efficient, Scalable and Reliable Computing (CESR)
Profs. Alex Dean and Jim Carlson
Location: Room 1008 EB II
Embedded processors controlling autonomous cars and energy-efficient LED lighting and power conversion.

Special Presentations

ECE 200 Demonstration Picture
Sophomore Laboratory on Signals, Circuits and Systems
Room 1026
Demonstrations of the first hands-on experience most of our students have with electrical and electronic devices.