Contact Information

Campus Box 7911
NC State University
Raleigh, NC 27695-7911

Dr. Almuatazbellah (Muataz) Boker

| Biography

Dr. Boker is currently a Post Doctoral Research Scholar at the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, NC State University. He is working within the research group of Prof. Aranya Chakrabortty at the FREEDM Systems Center. Dr. Boker worked as a Lecturer Assistant at the University of Garyounis, Libya, 2004–2008. His research interests include estimation and control of nonlinear systems, large scale systems and networked systems, with applications in power systems and cyber physical systems.

| Education

  1. 2002 - BEng (Honors with First Class) in Mechatronics Engineering, University of Leeds, Leeds, UK
  2. 2003 - MS (Honors with First Class) in Control Systems Engineering, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK
  3. 2013 - PhD in Electrical Engineering, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, USA

| Selected Publications

  1. A. Boker and H. Khalil, Nonlinear Observers Comprising High-Gain Observers and Extended Kalman Filters, Vol. 49, no. 12, pp. 3583-3590, Automatica, 2013.
  2. A. Boker and H. Khalil, Output Feedback Stabilization of Non-Minimum Phase Nonlinear Systems, IEEE transactions on Automatic Control, under review, 2014.
  3. A. Boker, T. Nudell, A. Chakrabortty, On Aggregate Control of Clustered Consensus Networks, American Control Conference, Chicago, July, 2015.
  4. A. Boker and H, Khalil, Control of Flexible Joint Manipulators Using Only Motor Position Feedback: A Separation Principle Approach, 52nd IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Florence Italy, December 2013.
  5. A. Boker and H. Khalil, Semi-Global Output Feedback Stabilization of Class of Nonlinear Systems, American Control Conference, Washington DC, June 2013.

| Awards and Honors

  • 2012 - Best Poster Award winner, Graduate Research Symposium, Michigan State University.
  • 2002 - Libya International Scholarship, The University of Sheffield, UK, given upon acceptance at the university and is exclusively given on the basis of merit.
  • 2002 - Smallpiece Trust Prize, The University of Leeds, UK, given for “an outstanding work on mechatronics”. This prize is usually given, upon graduation, to the top student of the class.