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Dr. Emmanuel Agamloh

Adjunct Associate Professor

| Biography

Dr. Agamloh is the Technical Leader for the Motors and Drives group of Advanced Energy, with wide ranging consulting activities in the area of motor efficiency testing, test lab development, motor design and repair and energy efficiency regulations. Agamloh also had over five years electric utility experience, working in high voltage substations design and grid infrastructure development.

Agamloh's primary research interests are in Electric Machines Design, Analysis and Testing, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Ocean Wave Energy Extraction, using point absorbers. Dr. Agamloh is an Associate Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications.

| Education

  1. 1992 - BS in Electrical Engineering, St. Petersburg Technical University, St. Petersburg
  2. 1994 - MS in Electrical Engineering, St. Petersburg Technical University, St. Petersburg
  3. 2005 - PhD in Electrical Engineering, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR

| Selected Publications

  1. Agamloh et. al., "Electric Machine Topologies: Hottest topics in the electrical machine research community," IEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine, vol.8, no.2, June 2014
  2. E. B. Agamloh, S. Peele, J. Grappe., "Induction motor single-phasing performance under distribution feeder recloser operations," IEEE Transaction on Industry Applications, vol.50, no.2, Mar/Apr 2014
  3. E. B. Agamloh, A. S. Nagorny, "An Overview of Efficiency and Loss Characterization of Fractional Horsepower Motors", IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, vol 60,no.8. Aug.2013.
  4. E. B. Agamloh, "Induction motor efficiency: a comparison of direct and indirect measurements", IEEE Industry Applications Magazine, Nov/Dec 2011
  5. E. B. Agamloh, "An evaluation of induction machine stray load loss from collated test results", IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, Nov/Dec 2010
  6. E.B. Agamloh, A.K. Wallace, A. von Jouanne, "A novel ocean energy extraction concept with contact-less force transmission system," Renewable Energy, 2008
  7. E.B. Agamloh, A.K. Wallace, A. von Jouanne, "Application of fluid-structure interaction simulation of an ocean wave energy extraction device," Renewable Energy,2008
  8. K. Rhinefrank, E.B. Agamloh, J Aills, et. al., "A novel ocean energy permanent magnet linear generator buoy" Renewable Energy, volume 31, issue 9, pages 1279-1298, July 2006

| Awards and Honors

  • 2011 - IEEE WG Chair Award
  • 2010 - Best Paper Award, IEEE IAS Electric Machines Committee
  • 2009 - IEEE Senior Member