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Dr. Stephen Walsh

| Biography

Dr. Walsh has been at NC State University since January, 2002, and is Director of its Engineering Entrepreneurs Program (EEP), member of its Entrepreneurship Initiative, teaching associate professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Participating Faculty at the Grenoble École de Management, Grenoble, France.

Dr. Walsh recently returned from a sabbatical year in Grenoble, France, where he was enrolled in the AACSB Post-Doctoral Bridge-to-Business Program at the Grenoble École de Management (GEM). At GEM, his research interests centered around: the dynamics of entrepreneurship and innovation in technology-intensive industries at the corporate, independent and academic levels; software tool development integrating business model design and product development; and pedagogical design and development for technology focused new ventures.

Prior to his academic career, Dr. Walsh co-founded BOPS, Inc. with Dr. Gerald Pechanek. BOPS was a venture backed IP semiconductor company specializing in parallel DSP processors. BOPS raised over $70M USD and had offices in Palo Alto, CA, Austin, TX and in the Research Triangle Park area of NC. He served as its first president and CEO (approximately 18-24 months) overseeing business development and seed-round funding. He also held numerous engineering and marketing positions within IBM and was the recipient of IBM’s Resident Study Scholarship where he received MS and PhD degrees in electrical engineering from Duke University.

PROFESSIONAL LICENSES AND ORGANIZATION: Registered Professional Engineer PE No. 21167 in the State of North Carolina, Council for Entrepreneurial Development - Former member of the Executive Committee Member and Board of Directors, FastTrac Tech Instructor (, Member of the ASEE.

| Education

  1. 2010 - 2011 - Grenoble École de Management (AACSB Post-Doctoral Bridge-to-Business Certification), Grenoble, France
  2. 1994 - PhD in Electrical Engineering, Duke University, Durham, NC
  3. 1991 - MS in Electrical Engineering, Duke University, Durham, NC
  4. 1982 - BS in Electrical Engineering, Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ

| Selected Publications

  1. The Rise and Fall of the Dominant Logic: Key challenges for corporate entrepreneurs in large diversifying companies in disrupting the dominant logic of both their company and the new-to-them industry. (Presented at COMS 2011) S.J. Walsh, V. Sabatier and V. Mangematin.
  2. A 4Ps Convergence: From Medical Triage to Holistic Healthcare. (Presented at COMS 2011) A. Brau-Mouret, D. Kidwell, V. Sabatier, S. J. Walsh, V. Mangematin.
  3. The Academic Cartel: The Evolution of Research in Management from 1992-2011. (Presented at EGOS 2011) V. Mangematin, S. J. Walsh, J. Yan, C. Baden-Fuller.
  4. Engineering and Innovation: An Immersive Start-up Experience, IEEE Computer April 2011. Thomas K. Miller III, Stephen J. Walsh, Seth Hollar, Elaine C. Rideout and Beryl C. Pittman.
  5. Innovative Approaches to Engineering Entrepreneurship Education, INTED2010, March 2010, Valencia, Spain, Beryl Pittman, Stephen Walsh, Seth Hollar
  6. The Engineering Entrepreneurs Program, CIEC 2006 Conference, January 2006, San Antonio, TX. Stephen J. Walsh.
  7. The Engineering Entrepreneurs Program Portal: A New Tool for Improving Entrepreneurship Pedagogy, ASEE 2006 Conference, June 2006, Chicago, IL. Stephen J. Walsh.
  8. Chance Favors the Prepared Mind, CED 2006 Opportunity Conference, Research Triangle Park, NC. Stephen J. Walsh.
  9. The Impact of Entrepreneurship on Engineering Curricula, 10th Annual NCIIA Conference, March 2006, Portland, OR. Stephen J. Walsh, Thomas K. Miller III.
  10. MFAST: A Highly Parallel Single Chip DSP With A 2D IDCT Example, ICSPAT ’95 G.G. Pechanek, C.W. Kurak, C.J. Glossner, C.H.L. Moller, and S.J. Walsh.
  11. A Machine Organization and Architecture for Highly Parallel, Scaleable, Single Chip DSP’s Proceedings of the DSP-X Technical Program, May 1995, San Jose, CA G.G. Pechanek, C.J. Glossner, W.F. Lawless, D.H. McCabe, C.H.L. Moller and S.J. Walsh
  12. Pollution Control Caching, Proceedings of the International Conference on Computer Design, October 1995, Austin, TX. Stephen Walsh, John A. Board