Mechatronics is a multi-disciplinary area incorporating mechanical systems, electronics, and control theory for the design of products and control processes. It relates to the design of systems, devices and products aimed at achieving an optimal balance between basic mechanical structure and its overall control. A few examples of mechatronics systems are cruise control in a car, autofocus in camera, robot controllers, manufacturing plants automation, car assembly, autopilot system etc.

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The latest research trend in Mechatronics focuses on efficient, fast, multi-component (sensors and actuators) modular/scalable system design. Real-time large-scale mechatronics systems coordinated over networks is another thrust. The challenge is integrating enough intelligence in a real-world system; where size and cost are the primary constraints.

Mechatronics will fuel technologies advancements such as intelligent space, robotic rooms, remote surgeries, autonomous vehicles, physical-cyber space integration transportation systems, distributed generation systems.

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