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ECE - Senior Design
Senior Design
Spring 2013 Projects

Automated Verification of LED Indicators
FPGA-based Signal Monitor for a Fiber-to-the-User Line Card

B/E Aerospace
CAN Based Voltage Control of Interchangeable Modules

Cisco Systems
Automatic Tagging of Technical Support Content
Build a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Common Log Format (CLF) Implementation
Expertise Matching: Identifying SMEs
Presence and Instant Messaging Bus for Embedded Management
Proactive Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Network Discovery Using Device vCards and Cisco onePK
Use Instant Messaging to Open and Drive an End-to-End TCP Tunnel

Direct Options and HomEnomic
Online Energy Information System for Residential Utility Users

ECE Department
Aquarium Controller
Automated Big Box Shopping
Cruise Ship Messaging Service
Digital Synthesizer for Guitar using DSP
DJ Lighting Effects Device
ECE306 Class Platform
Handheld Video Game Console
Hunt Library Quiet Room Book Scanner
Inductive Coil Winder Motor Controls and System
Instrumented bicycle for collecting air quality samples
Location-Aware application to enable improved physical fitness
Location-aware game for students on Centennial Campus or Hunt Library
Low Cost Underwater Metal Detector Kit
Memristor Modeling
Mobile Phone Sensor Accessory
Monophonic Analog Synthesizer
Robotic System for Swarm Robotic Applications
School Security System
Smartphone Activated Door Lock
Wearable Breathing Monitor
Wolfline Bus Stop Notification System

ECE Department, FREEDM Center, and M.C. Dean, Inc
Direct Current Solar-Powered House

Characterization of Video Streaming Traffic

FREEDM Systems Center
Development of Design Methods and Demonstration of Process Procedure to Create Advanced 3D Printed Electronic Circuits
Implementation of a DSP-based control for the DC/DC converter integrated with supercapacitor
Wireless Charger for Electric Vehicles

Improved Performance of Network Applications with Graphic Processing Units

IBM and ECE Department
Sysplex Distributor - Highly Available Workloads

Image Quality Labs
Motion Platform for Testing Image Stabilization Performance

Trajectory-following autonomous mobile cutting mower

Longent LLC
Distributive Antenna System Design

Microspace Communications Corporation
Microspace Serial to MPEG2 Transport Stream Converter

National Instruments
FIXED PID Quadcopter
Long Jump / Triple Jump Smart Board
Robotic Lifting Partner
Shoe Contact for Rapid Prototyping and Development
Tracking for Track and Field Events
Tracking the Number of Football Players to Avoid Penalties

NetCentrics Corporation
Mechanical Arm Monitor
Persistence of Vision Position Sensor
Ring Notifier and Headset for Multiple Phones
WebTV Universal Controller

Radio Frequency SPDT Switch Design
Robust, Jamming Resistant RF Low Noise Amplifier (LNA)
X-Band RF Low Noise Amplifier Design
X-Band RF Power Amplifier Design

Renesas Electronics America
Renesas Microcontroller Car Rally

Schneider Electric
Photovoltaic Powered Electronic "Smart Dial"

SCYNEXIS Engineering Innovation Challenge