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Senior Design
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Senior Design Program Mission
Students in the ECE Department are expected to graduate with the skills necessary to conceive, specify, implement, test, produce, and market complex electronic systems. While the students receive excellent training in the theoretical aspects necessary to create such systems, their actual experience of the design processes is usually limited to formal laboratory courses in which they work on traditional lab experiments of limited scope. Structured laboratory experiences do not provide an opportunity to creatively synthesize a solution for open-ended design problems that are typically encountered in engineering practice. To address that deficiency, the ECE curriculum requires that each senior take the Senior Design Project course. The Senior Design Program (SDP) cooperates with local industries and campus research units to obtain real-life design projects for the students to address. The Troxler Design Center supports the students' work on these projects by providing facilities, equipment and funding for the projects.

All work conducted by the SDP is in the public domain and is intended solely for the education of our students. To respect proprietary information Senior Design students are allowed to sign the same types of non-disclosure agreements that they would if they were a Cooperative Education Student. Likewise, the SDP will respect confidential information contained in project reports by allowing them to be marked "Not For Distribution".

Who Submits Projects to the Senior Design Program
The SDP receives project requests from a wide variety of outside sources. Following are some of the reasons companies, large and small, come to us for assistance:

  • Design of an electronic/computer system for which the sponsor does not have in-house capability.
  • Development of ancillary products or systems freeing company's engineers for more critical work.
  • A proof of concept effort for a company that either does not have the engineering capability or cannot allocate engineers to the project.

Over the years, we have successfully executed numerous projects for many companies. Some projects have been one-time activities solving a company's specific problem. Many others are ongoing relationships semester after semester. Most of our continuing relationships consist of individual relatively unrelated projects but some involve a continuously evolving progression. A number of our design projects have saved the sponsoring company significant moneys in the form of higher efficiencies, lower maintenance costs, better performance, etc.

Funding of Senior Design
The Troxler Design Center receives no department, university or state support for its operating expenses. The Center is dependent on external funding sources. We request the following donations from sponsoring organizations:

$ 5,000         Established Companies
$ 2,500         Entrepreneurial Companies

Benefits of Sponsoring Projects
In addition to having a design problem addressed by Senior Design students, other benefits to the sponsot include:

  • An opportunity to evaluate ECE senior students as prospective employees.
  • An opportunity to work with young, bright, enthusiastic, unbiased individuals with new ideas.
  • A chance for ECE students and faculty to learn more about your company.
  • Access to the latest in laboratory equipment, software, and development tools.
  • Establishment of a continuing relationship with the ECE Department.
For more information about the Senior Design Program and submission of design projects, please view the Senior Design Sponsorship Slideshow:

PowerPoint FileECE Senior Design Sponsorship Slideshow