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Senior Design Program Mission
The ECE Senior Design Program is a capstone course that is intended to prepare the students for the workplace. All courses up to this point prepare the students with technical background and theoretical training. This senior design course then seeks to leverage this structured background and apply this to an open-ended design problem. Students learn to work in teams on a “real world” design problem. They learn to research and specify a design problem, to consider design tradeoffs, and to understand system level and sub-system level implications. They design, integrate, test, and improve upon their design. They then present and demonstrate their technical solution at Design Day at the end of the course. The program cooperates with industry partners and campus research units to come up with “real-world” design problems for student teams to address. The Troxler Design Center supports the students projects by providing meeting space, laboratory facilities and equipment for the projects.

Who Sponsors Senior Design Projects?
Senior Design Projects come from a number of sources: industry sponsors, faculty or NCSU research centers, entrepreneurs, and student derived ideas.

  • Proof of Concept for a project where a company does not have the engineering capability or chooses not to allocate internal resources to the project
  • Development of an electronic/computer system for which the sponsor does not have in-house capability
  • Development of ancillary products or systems freeing a companies engineers for higher priority work
  • Development of productivity tools for design, testing, monitoring, controlling, and/or manufacturing operations
  • To gain some access to a new technology (for learning or future development)

Over the years, we have successfully executed numerous projects for many companies. Some projects have been one-time activities solving a specific problem. Many others are ongoing relationships semester after semester. Most continuing relationships consist of individual, non-related projects but some involve a sequential, continuously evolving progression. A number of past senior design projects have sufficiently proven new product concepts or saved the sponsoring company significant moneys in the form of better performance, higher efficiencies, lower maintenance costs, etc.

Funding of Senior Design
The ECE Senior Design Program is self-funded. We request the following donations from sponsoring organizations:

$ 5,000 for Established Companies per project
$ 2,500 for Entrepreneurial Companies per project

Benefits of Sponsoring Projects
In addition to having a design problem addressed by ECE Senior Design students, other benefits to sponsoring include:

  • An opportunity to evaluate ECE senior students as prospective employees
  • An opportunity to work with young, bright, enthusiastic, unbiased individuals with new ideas and ways of working
  • A chance for ECE students and faculty to learn more about your company
  • Access to the latest in laboratory equipment, software applications, development tools, new technologies
  • Establishment of a continued relationship with the NCSU ECE department
  • An opportunity to help with the development of STEM students for the greater good of North Carolina and the US

Intellectual property and confidentiality
All work conducted by the Senior Design program is in the public domain and is intended solely for the education of our students. To respect proprietary information, students are permitted to sign the same types of non-disclosure agreements that they would as a Co-operative Education Student or employee. Likewise, the program will respect confidential information contained in project reports by allowing them to be marked “Not for Distribution”. The Senior Design program has an exemption for Intellectual Property created by students during their senior design project – such that NCSU does not own the rights to generated IP. Students and sponsors may negotiate ownership of this IP as part of the Project Agreement. Typically, a student team will agree to sponsor ownership of IP as long as students are listed as co-inventors on any patent applications.
For more information about the Senior Design program and submission of design projects, please view the following presentation:

For more information about the Senior Design Program and submission of design projects, please view the Senior Design Sponsorship Slideshow:

PowerPoint FileECE Senior Design Sponsorship Slideshow