Undergraduate Advising

Celicia Townsend Undergraduate Advising Office Information

Cecilia Townsend
Coordinator of Undergraduate Programs
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

3006 Engr Bldg II
Campus Box 7911
a NC State University
Raleigh, NC 27695-7911

Email: ece_advisor@ncsu.edu

The following advising templates will help you choose your senior elective courses so that you both fulfill the degree requirements and develop a skillset in one of the seven specialization areas of the department. Do not hesitate to ask area advisors for further details.

Choosing Electives

Advising Forms and Tools

Advising Tips

  • Look ahead to the courses you expect to take next year and be sure to get all the pre-requisites for them completed in time. Failure in having the pre-requisite could result in your being dropped from the course.
  • Commit to the pre-registration plan agreed upon by you and the Coordinator of Advising. The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering views this document as a contract. If you need to deviate from your approved plan, notify the Coordinator of Undergraduate Advising immediately to get the changes approved. Unapproved changes may result in pre-requisite problems or delay your graduation. Failure to follow the pre-registration plan will not be grounds for late drop of a course.
  • Take your courses for a letter grade. With the exception of foreign language proficiency and physical education courses, all courses you intend to count toward satisfying your graduation requirements must be for a letter grade. All 200-level ECE and Computer Science (CSC) courses must be completed with a grade of "C-" or better.
  • Matriculate (enter the department officially) before you take ECE 211, 212 or 220. If you have not matriculated and are able to do so, please see Dr. Robbins in 118 Page Hall to matriculate.
  • Keep your grade point average (GPA) high. ECE 200 and 206 have a 2.3 GPA requirement. If you add either of these courses and drop below the 2.3 GPA requirement you will be dropped from the course.