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Alumni Stories: David Whitley

David Whitley had an interest in all things electronic from an early age, and now he’s giving back to the University where he got started.

From soldier to student

In her time in the Electrical and Computer Engineering, Alyssia Hardy has juggled her role as student, member of NC State University’s cheerleading team, wife and active member of the Idaho Air National Guard.

Researchers at NCSU develop tech for steering light

June 5, 2018 | WRAL Tech Wire

“Until now, state-of-the-art diffraction gratings configured to steer visible light to large angles have had an angular acceptance range, or bandwidth, of about 20 degrees, meaning that the light source has to be directed into the grating within an arc of 20 degrees,” says Michael Escuti, a professor of electrical and computer engineering at NC State and corresponding author of a paper on the work. “We’ve developed a new grating that expands that window to 40 degrees, allowing light to enter the grating from a wider range of input angles.

FREEDM Center celebrates 10 years of electric energy research

June 3, 2018 | WRAL Tech Wire

This week, North Carolina State University’s renewable energy research lab is celebrating the many inventions, publications and programs it has spearheaded since its start 10 years ago.

Future smart clothes could pack serious gadgetry

June 1, 2018 | Science News

If clothing were packed with thermoelectric generators, body heat could be turned into electricity. Researchers at North Carolina State University in Raleigh work with a button-sized generator containing a grid of semiconductor rods sandwiched between two ceramic plates.

As one of only two institutions to be home to two concurrent NSF research centers, and the home of the Department of Energy’s PowerAmerica institute, we are ranked among the top academic units engaged in scientific research in the United States.



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