A New Home

On October 24, 2003, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering along with the Department of Computer Science broke ground on their future home, Engineering Building II. This $41 million, 210,000 sq. ft. building, funded by North Carolina taxpayers, brings together state-of-the-art teaching laboratories, conference areas, classrooms, and research facilities, ensuring the College of Engineering will continue as a leader in advancing computer and information technology into the 21st century.

Engineering Building II consists of two main wings. The east wing, occupied by the Department of Computer Science, and the west wing, home of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Though separate, both wings are joined together by a beautiful glass atrium suspended above the entryway to the new homes of all Engineering departments.


Teaching Labs

EBII Teaching Laboratories

Our Teaching Laboratories allow students to gain specialized experience with cutting edge equipment and software that they can put to use in a professional environment. Engineering Building II houses seventeen of these specially designed labs in order to give students an intimate knowledge of industry level systems and ideas.

In addition to standard teaching labs, Engineering Building II is home to an Engineering Collaboratory designed to support collective work and interaction. These labs are configured to aid groups of students working together by providing a Windows and Linux workstation connected to a 42-inch plasma monitor, a whiteboard, conference table, and several network connections for laptops.

Together, our labs create a rich atmosphere designed to foster learning and hands-on experience. For more information, please see the teaching labs section.



Engineering Building II, Room 1025

The classroom is the core of education and there are many available in Engineering Building II, both small and large. All classrooms are equipped with an LCD projector and screen, document camera, wireless internet access, EOS computer, and an interface to project a personal laptop computer for demonstrations. One of the larger classrooms in Engineering Building II is room 1025 (pictured on left). This classroom seats two-hundred and fifteen and is used to house large seminars.

Engineering Building II also comes equipped with a state-of-the-art distance education classroom with a SMART board, broadcasted whiteboards, a plasma tv, and document camera. All of these things are used to provide distance students an engrossing and interactive learning experience without leaving their living rooms.


Computer Labs


Our Engineering Building II houses several general computing labs. EOS labs are located throughout main and centennial campus and are equipped with state-of-the-art computers ready to be used.

Our labs boast a multitude of workstations installed with Microsoft Windows XP, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and Sun's Solaris operating systems. All workstations can access University software, resources, and connect to the Internet.

Some of these labs come equipped with collabritories that allow groups of students to work together on the same computer at the same time, useful for group projects such as paired programming. For more information, see the teaching labs section.


Commons Areas

Engineering Building II, Game Rooom

Community space is an important area in an educational facility. It provides groups of students a place to study, work, and even play together. Our ECE game room, sponsored by Eta Kappa Nu (or HKN, an electrical and computer engineering honor society), the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), and the Graduate Student Association (GSA), provides a space for students to take a break from their classes and unwind.

Our game room is furnished with airhockey and ping pong tables, board games, and a Nintendo Wii and Sony PlayStation2 video-game consoles. In addition to our game room, Engineering Building II has a large common area in its Atrium for students to work or study between classes.


Conference Rooms

Engineering Building II, Faculty Conference Room

We have many conference rooms in Engineering Building II that are often utilized by students, as well as different companies and organizations. Our conference rooms are equipped with an LCD monitor, conference table, in-table power outlets, and network connections for laptops. Students may schedule the conference rooms for presentations or group meetings. Organizations may hold recruitment sessions or small meetings with students. Businesses often use these ideal rooms for interviews.