Job Opportunities with NC State ECE

Faculty & Staff

Permanent positions at NC State University are categorized as those established under the State Personnel Act (SPA) or those Exempt from the State Personnel Act (EPA). Staff positions typically fall into the SPA category. EPA positions are classified in one of four categories: EPA Professional, Faculty, Senior Academic Administrative Officer I and Senior Academic Administrative Officer II. Postdoctoral employees are considered EPA Professionals.

SPA and EPA positions are advertised by our Human Resources Department at their NC State University Employment Vacancies site in addition to being among the listings maintained by the State of North Carolina at the Office of State Personnel site. Our Human Resources Department offers an online process including the ability to fill-out an application, request consideration for specific jobs and check position status.

Graduate Students

Employment for highly qualified students is available in the form of teaching assistantships and research assistantships. Students who have financial support in the form of teaching assistantships and research assistantships will usually meet the requirements for the Graduate Student Support Plan (GSSP). Students in the GSSP receive tuition support and health insurance.

Teaching assistantships (TA) are offered term by term to qualified students in the student’s specialty area. A half-time appointment requires approximately twenty hours of service per week. TAs may teach laboratories, grade papers or assist the department/faculty in various other ways. Reappointment as a TA is dependent upon satisfactory performance of the TA assignment and other restrictions defined in the Graduate Student Handbook.

ECE Faculty Members provide most Research Assistantships (RAs). They are usually twelve-month appointments, and carry stipends that depend on the assistant’s qualifications and available funding.

Prospective students may request consideration for financial assistance by completing the appropriate sections on the admission application form. All awards are made on a competitive basis. Questions regarding TA and RA appointments should be directed to the ECE Graduate Office.

Work-Study Students

The Federal Work-Study program is a need-based program of financial aid providing students an opportunity to work part-time in an approved on-campus or off-campus job. The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering hires qualified students to work in our administrative office and in various capacities with our IT team, WolfTech. Job duties range from filing and copying to coding web pages and providing tech support.

To find a listing of available jobs in the ECE Department, please visit the NC State Work-Study Openings site and select Electrical/Computer Engineering from the dropdown box under the Select Work Study Positions by Department section.

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