Monteith Research Center

Completed in 1996, the 138,000-square-foot EGRC houses some of the most sophisticated research facilities on Centennial Campus. A complex of two buildings, the EGRC features a wide range of state-of-the-art technology, from special "clean-rooms" for creating and analyzing nanoscale microelectronic devices to the adjoining Constructed Facilities Laboratory, which contains some of the largest testing equipment in the nation.

Together these two buildings provide research, education and demonstration facilities for the College of Engineering to use for basic research and in developing partnerships with industry and government. Among the many components in the main laboratory building are the Center for Advanced Electronic Materials Processing, Analytical Instrumentation Facility, Biomedical Microsensors Laboratory, Power Semiconductor Research Center, Microelectronics Systems Laboratory, manufacturing clean rooms and teleconference rooms.

Originally named the Engineering Graduate Research Center, the building, designed by architects at O'Dell Associates, was renamed in 2005 to honor former Chancellor Larry K. Monteith.

Liquid Order

Liquid Order Plaza at Monteith Research Center

Located in the southern section of Centennial Campus resides a curious art installation. Liquid Order, the title of the plaza adjacent to the MRC (Monteith Research Center) is the creation of Jun Kaneo. Internationally renowned for his sculpture and artistry, Kaneko was commissioned by North Carolina State University to develop a piece of architectural art where art meets science. The plaza pattern speaks to the power of investigation and research, change and growth, and the complexity found in simple things.

The design produced here is a complex set of parallel lines that shift at unexpected intervals. As a result, this piece simultaneously reflects the occurrence of order and unpredictability found in nature. It also represents the adaptation and innovation which is crucial to the research field.

Liquid Order is a 120 by 200 foot plaza that provides common space for the MRC "academic neighborhood." This space is designed to be a meeting area that can also serve as an event or ceremony location.

The Monteith Research Center and the Liquid Order courtyard art installation were recently featured in NC State University's national TV commercial. It featured prominently as the backdrop for the speaker and was one of only two places on campus shown.

The new commercial's purpose is one of the key components of a new awareness campaign that promotes NC State as a high-energy leader in producing graduates ready to make an impact in society and the workplace, innovative research targeted towards the most-pressing issues the world faces, and the university's outreach and economic development impact in North Carolina and beyond.

"While our campus environment is changing and growing, NC State's commitment to excellence, innovation and a spirit of collaboration remains strong," Chancellor James Oblinger said. "The new awareness campaign will highlight NC State's determined, eager and tenacious approach.

"This is the first campaign of its kind for NC State," he said. "We have many great stories to tell, and this campaign will help us to tell them in a bold, confident, poised and compelling manner."