ECE Alumni Hall of Fame

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at NC State University is proud to announce the newly formed ECE Alumni Hall of Fame. The purpose of this extraordinary honor is to celebrate the accomplishments of our outstanding graduates who have used their education to excel in a profession, career, or service. Additionally, this recognition will serve as an inspiration for current students. Our alumni are at the core of the Department, representing the agents and ambassadors that have made groundbreaking contributions in the study of electrical and computer engineering and beyond.


Nomination Criteria

With more than 15,000 ECE alumni, only a select number will be chosen as ECE Hall of Fame members, making this a truly noteworthy distinction (and membership is free).

ECE Alumni Hall of Fame

Nominations are based on profession and service achievement, entrepreneurship and contributions to professional societies. Examples of such noteworthy activities that would warrant a nomination may include (but are not limited to):

  • Recognized by technical organizations at a high level (e.g. IEEE fellow).
  • Significant number of influential technical publications or patents in the ECE field.
  • Successful Faculty member at a University.
  • Founded a successful small to medium business.
  • Served at the senior management level in a large corporation.
  • Recognized by a national community organization for their impact.
  • Participated at a leadership level in a nationally recognized community service organization (eg. United Way, Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity).

We encourage you to make nomimations through our online form. Alternatively, a paper nomination may be downloaded here. Should you have any questions, please contact Jan Brock ( or 919.515.2067). Nominations are due by each July 31st for that year's inductees.


2017 Inductees to the ECE Alumni Hall of Fame

Congratulations to our 12 new inductees.

April S. Brown
Teresa A. Dahlberg
Michael Devetsikiotis
Wesley O. Doggett
Oscar N. Garcia
Paul L. Madren, Jr.
Robert J. Mattacuch
Dan Page
Alice C. Parker
Nelson Peeler
Hairong Qi
James R. Schofield

2016 Inductees to the ECE Alumni Hall of Fame

Congratulations to our 17 new inductees.

Gregory L. Booth
Earl "Skip" Booth III
Tom Bradicich
Charles L. Britt, Jr.
P. Mark Buff III
Mark Carter
Christos Christodoulou
Edward Randy Collins, Jr.
Marion Casey Dean

Lynn W. Eury
Excell O. Ferrell III
Buster C. Glosson
Craig Ivey
Shree K. Nayar
William Nussey
Anand Lal Shimpi
Mary C. Whitton
Steven A. Wright

2015 Inductees to the ECE Alumni Hall of Fame

Congratulations to our 34 inaugural inductees.

Tülay Adali
Greg E. Bottomley
Laura J. Bottomley
Joseph S. Colson, Jr.
Wesley B. Covell
William H. Dean
John M. Eubanks
Cataldo U. Falco
Edward D. Graham, Jr.
Christina M. Hammock
John R. Hauser
Clayton Scott Hinnant
Irwin R. Holmes
J. Stuart Hunter
Michael A. Littlejohn
Robin E. Manning
Stephen H. Marbut


John S. Mayo
Thomas R. McPherson, Jr.
Darrell V. Menscer
Tony L. Mitchell
Larry K. Monteith
Sharat Nagaraj
Sanjay Nayak
Billy B. Oliver
Larry Nixon
John L. Prince, III
Deborah S. Proctor
Jason P. Rhode
Wesley E. Snyder
Jim Stritzinger
William F. Troxler
J. Turner Whitted
Scot Wingo