Data Redundancy Elimination in Wireless Networks

SpeakerIoannis Papapanagiotou
Organization NC State
LocationEB1 1011
Start Date January 27, 2012 2:20 PM
End Date January 27, 2012 3:20 PM

As more and more users access the web through their mobile devices, they tend to generate an increasing amount of data traffic. Techniques that can remove some of the redundant data may decrease the usage of the wireless interface, hence increase the smartphones' battery lifetime. Moreover, middleware implementations that can remove duplicate bytes can be a valuable tool for mobile service providers, as they try to resolve the congestion in the aggregation links.

In this presentation, we are going to show how ineffective browser caches are in smartphone devices and what can be done in order to attain the maximum potential savings. Furthermore, we are going to demonstrate that (a) a properly configured proxy cache may provide savings up to 25%, and (b) a misconfigured proxy cache may increase the bandwidth consumption by a factor of three.

Finally, we will show that Data Redundancy Elimination (DRE) techniques can be even more efficient in the wireless domain.

About the speaker

Ioannis Papapanaguitou is a Computer Engineering PhD student, working with Prof. Mike Devetsikiotis.


  January 2012
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