CESR Summer Course

LocationEB2 (various rooms)
Start Date August 9, 2012
End Date August 10, 2012

The Center for Efficient, Scalable, and Reliable Computing (CESR) and the ECE Department are offering two days of workshops for professionals who want to update their skill sets.  A variety of half-day, one-day, and two-day workshops will be offered, taught by CESR faculty members.  

  • GPU Architectures and High-Performance GPGPU Programming using CUDA and OpenCL
  • Introduction to Parallel Programming on Multicore Architecture
  • Understanding Multicore Architectures
  • Compiler Design from Front to Back
  • Superscalar Processors and the FabScalar Toolkit
  • Optimizing Speed, Responsiveness, and Energy for Embedded Systems

For more information about the courses, and for scheduling and registration information, visit the CESR Summer Course web site.  Registration is required to attend.



  August 2012
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