Mathematical Modeling of Shape

SpeakerDr. H. Le
Organization University of Nottingham, Great Britain
LocationEBIII 2213
DateSeptember 24, 2010 1:00 PM

Many different models for shapes have been introduced and studied. In this talk, we discuss how the Kendall shape spaces for landmarks are defined. We then look at, under this model, how difference between shapes are measured and how the concept of Euclidean means has been adapted to account for features of the geometry and how shape change of data over time are modeled.  
Dr. Le finished her Ph.D. in mathematics at Cambridge University in differential geometry. She was one of the pioneers of modern shape theory and co-author of the book on "Shape and Shape Theory”. She is well published in the general area of differential geometry and Statistics of Shapes and also in Financial Mathematics. She is currently professor of Mathematics at University of Nottingham, UK.

  September 2010
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