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December 2008

Calendar Event
Fall Graduation 2008
04:00 PM - McKimmon Center
On December 17, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering will be pleased to welcome relatives and friends...
Seminar Event
Regeneration of Tissues via Engineered Biologics
03:00 PM - 1217 Textiles, Centennial Campus, NC State University
Anshu Mathur, Assistant Professor, Departments of Biomedical Engineering and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery at The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
Seminar Event
EXACT: Explicit Dynamic-Branch Prediction with Active Updates
02:20 PM - 1021 EB2
Muawya Al-Otoom, PhD Candidate, North Carolina State University
Seminar Event
Enhancing Dependence-based Prefetching for Better Timeliness, Coverage, and Practicality
01:00 PM - 2300 Partners I
Chungsoo Lim, NC State University
Seminar Event
Seminar Event
Cross-layer Design: Old- or Next-Generation Networking?
11:00 AM - 3001 EBII
Professor Fabrizio Granelli, University of Trento, Italy
Calendar Event
ECE Senior Design Day - Fall 2008
12:00 PM - McKimmon Center
ECE Senior Design Day is held every semester on the campus of NC State University, showcasing this semesters'...

November 2008

Calendar Event
9th Annual Freshman Engineering Design Day
09:00 AM - Jane S. McKimmon Conference Center
Freshman Engineering Design Day provides a venue for the fall 2008 entering class in the College of Engineering...
Seminar Event
FastBCI: An Efficient Architecture Support for Bulk Data Copying and Initialization
02:20 PM - EB II Rm 1021
Xiaowei Jiang, PhD Candidate, North Carolina State University
Seminar Event
Optimal State Feedback Stabilization Gain Selection of Networked Control Systems with Time Delay and Packet Losses
01:00 PM - Partners I, SPEC Suite Library
Dr. Mo-Yuen Chow , Dept of ECE, NCSU

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