Community in the ECE Department

With a community as large and diverse as ECE's, creating a sense of kinship among our members is very important. A strong sense of community plays a large role making our educational experience an extraordinary one. ECE has a strong commitment to all of its students, faculty, and staff to ensure success. Each person is a valued member of our team. We encourage all members of our community to take pride in their work and to know that they are playing a vital role in making our department one that is full of innovation and accomplishment. A wide variety of ways exist in which you can become involved with the ECE community. Everyone is encouraged to actively participate. Whether you are a past graduate, present student, future student or faculty member, explore some of the main ways the department has to keep people connected here.


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Looking for the latest news, career developments, and personal information about fellow alumni in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department? The NCSU ECE Alumni website is committed to keeping your ties to the Department strong, as well as offering a place to connect with old classmates, post your resume, and check out new job openings within your field. Activate your account today!


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The ECE Corporate Relations program provides excellent opportunities for cutting-edge companies to benefit from the excellent research facilities and academic resources found at NC State. Sponsorships of various magnitudes, from senior design projects to classrooms and labs in the facilities on Centennial Campus, are also available as an effective marketing tool for participating companies. The primary focus of this program is concentrated in identifying, developing, and nurturing strong collaborative relationships.


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As some of the most promising young minds today, undergraduates in the NC State College of Engineering must be prepared for the lifelong pursuit of innovation in technology. The Engineering Entrepreneurs Program (EEP) is designed to guide these students in their studies and provide opportunities to develop the leadership and critical thinking skills which will be vital in their careers.

Student Organizations

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Student Organizations are an important part of maximizing your time here at NC State. On the one hand, getting involved in a student organization is a great way to make friends and have a good time. On the other hand, student organizations also serve as a learning experience, an opportunity to serve in the community, and a way to make connections which may help you later on in your career. Find an organization you want to be a part of and start enjoying the benefits!

Photo Gallery

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Are you curious to see some of the exciting programs and events that take place in the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering? From graduations and open houses to seminars and workshops, view pictures of important ECE events here. Check it out. You may see some familiar faces!