Activities, Receptions and Events

Sponsoring activities, receptions and events provides an opportunity for ECE Corporate Partners to interact with students and let them know about their corporation.

Golden Opportunities Event

Golden Opportunities Event

The Golden Opportunities Event is held the night before the Engineering Career Fair and gives students a chance to meet with representatives from companies before anyone else in the college. This corporate recruiting event enhances the NC State Engineering Career Fair by providing a limited number of companies in our industry direct access to our students the night before -- allowing you to present a much more detailed overview of your company than will be possible at the Career Fair. Each participating company will receive a presentation slot during the evening and an information booth for use throughout the event. This is indeed a “golden opportunity” that we hope you take advantage of!

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Welcome Back Bash

Welcome Back Bash

This popular event, typically held in August at the start of the fall semester, is hosted by CSC & ECE student organizations and serves as the official welcome back for students, faculty & staff to the new school year. By popular demand, the event has been opened to students from all engineering disciplines. Student organizations and event sponsors typically have a presence with table-top displays and use this as a recruiting event. Your sponsorship helps cover entertainment, equipment rental, catering, door prizes, etc.

Graduate Research Symposiums

Welcome Back Bash

The graduate research symposiums are held once each semester and are organized by the ECE GSA. The focus of this event is to give students an opportunity to practice and improve their presentation skills. To encourage wide participation, students are made aware that their presentation need not contain final research results. Students new to the department are especially encouraged to begin participating in these semi-annual seminars as early as possible so as to have the maximum number of opportunities to receive constructive feedback.

GSA/IEEE/HKN Year-End Cookout

Student Organizations Picnic

This popular year-end event, typically held in May, is hosted by the department's student organizatons for all students and faculty in the department. Your sponsorship helps cover shelter rental, catering, and supplies. Due to the number of people attending this, a minimum of two sponsors are requested for this event.


Our graduation ceremonies celebrate years of hard work for our graduating doctoral, master's and bachelor's students. It allows us to show appreciation to these fine men and women as they carry forward our tradition of excellence, accomplishment and life-long learning. The department is seeking a sponsor for graduation so that we may better facilitate the graduation ceremony in both the fall and the spring.

Open House

We believe that visiting campus is one of the best ways for students to get a complete picture of the educational programs we offer in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. The department is seeking a sponsor for open house in order to have more activites and other related items available to our prospective students that visit. The open house is done once a year during the fall semester as part of the Engineering Open House.

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Undergraduate and Graduate Recruitment Materials

Recruiting New Students

We are continually working to attract the most talented students possible into our program. Your sponsorship will help cover publication and distribution costs for our recruitment materials. Examples include Progress Energy's sponsorship of a new brochure highlighting our Renewable Electric Energy Systems undergraduate concentration and our graduate certificate program.

Digital Signage Sponsorship

The ECE Department is looking to expand its Digital Signage pilot throughout its buildings: Engineering Building II and Monteith Research Center. With these signs, the department posts live information about bus routes, upcoming events, current department news, and other notes of interest to our students. With your help, we would like to expand our collection of signs throughout these buildings. Sponsors will receive a recognition slides for the first two years of the sign's use.

The ECE Department also expresses it's appreciation to the following companies who have provided contributions valued up to $14,999: