Student Seminars and Funding

Become better known to the students by supporting competitions, student groups and senior design.

ECE Seminar Series

ECE Seminar Series

Be a guest speaker at our student organization seminar series. Each student organization is hosting its own series; each seeking to address different audiences and providing different topics of interest. Your donation allows us to provide catering for attendees and to assist with the activities of their student group. This is a great way to get involved with the students and also a great opportunity for you to promote your company.

  • IEEE - the NCSU Chapter of IEEE is seeking companies interested in providing information sessions and technical talks to our students.
  • HKN - Eta Kappa Nu, the ECE honor society, is seeking companies who'd like to sponsor hotdog lunches -- come out and meet our undergraduate students; they'll come for the food, but leave with your recruiting materials.
  • GSA - the ECE Graduate Student Association would like to invite local RTP companies to come present to our graduate students -- they'd like to encourage presenters to be graduates of the ECE department who can come back to inform and inspire our current students.

We're also seeking assistance to fund the launch of an ECE seminar series attracting outstanding academic and industrial persons. Your sponsorship will help provide funding for speaker fees and travel for this new series.

Senior Design

Senior Design

Senior design is the capstone experience for students. Projects are part of the graduation requirements for every undergraduate engineering discipline. Working in teams, students apply engineering principles to solve real-life projects provided by corporate sponsors. In the course of one semester, students work closely with their corporate sponsors and learn and apply teamwork, leadership and communication skills. For the corporate sponsor, senior design is a great opportunity to build name recognition with the student population, and to create relationships with talented students.

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Student Competitions

SeaWolf Underwater Robot

Each year, the department sends one or more teams to compete in various competitions such as the Underwater Robotics Competition and several IEEE competitions. Your sponsorship is crucial to support the teams' travel and living expenses to these competitions. Funding student involvement in these events is an investment in leadership, so this is a unique opportunity to build brand awareness among tomorrow's leaders, who take initiative where none is required.

The ECE Department also expresses it's appreciation to the following companies who have provided contributions valued up to $14,999: