Scholarships, Fellowships and Endowments

Fund our best and brightest graduates, undergraduates and professors to allow them to achieve their great potential.

Undergraduate Scholarships

Undergraduate Scholar

Corporations that have realized the greatest recruiting success within the department often leverage named scholarships as an important tool in building relationships with the department's best and brightest students. There is some flexibility in the parameters. A company may specify that its scholarships go to younger students, for instance, if it wants to create relations that can lead to internships or co-ops.

Provide undergraduate student stipends to support research relevant to your company. More information about our undergraduate research program:

Research Assistant Fellowship

Research Assistant

Establish a corporate-named research assistant fellowship! Sponsoring the work of a graduate student in an area of interest to the company is a great way to build crucial relationships with research faculty, who prove invaluable in identifying undergraduate and graduate students of great professional promise.


See how to create an Endowment to support students, faculty and the ECE department

The ECE Department also expresses it's appreciation to the following companies who have provided contributions valued up to $14,999: