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ECE 302 Microelectronics  
Introduction to the physics of semiconductors, PN Junctions, BJT and MOS field Effect Transistors: Physics of operation, IV characteristics, load line, quiescent point of operation, PSPICE analysis; diode circuit analysis; voltage regulation; Single Stage Transistor Amplifiers: Common Emitter and Common Source configurations, biasing, inverting and non-inverting amplifiers; follower circuits; calculation of small signal voltage gain, current gain, coupling and bypass capacitors; Multistage ac-coupled amplifiers; small signal modeling; input resistance and output resistance; logic inverters.

Additional course information provided by the department:

Introduction to the physics of semiconductors, diode (pn-junctions, and transistors (MOSFET, BJT): Physics of operation, I-V characteristics, circuit models, PSPICE analysis; diode circuits; Single Stage Transistor Amplifiers: Common Emitter, Common Source, Common Base, Common Gate, Common Collector and Common Drain configurations, biasing, calculations of small signal voltage gain and current gain, input and output resistances; Logic Inverters, CMOS logic.
Pre-Requisites:A grade of C- or better in ECE 211
Credits: 4