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ECE 306 Introduction to Embedded Systems  
Introduction to designing microcontroller-based embedded computer systems using assembly and C programs to control input/output peripherals. Use of embedded operating system.

Additional course information provided by the department:

Many ECE students will design embedded systems in industry. To do this well they need to pull together concepts from a variety of fields (such as compilers, computer architecture, operating systems, testing and development) and understand how they relate to embedded systems. This course covers these concepts from that point of view and uses various hands-on programming projects to examine major concepts. Students use a 16-bit microcontroller board with powerful software development tools to develop their embedded systems.

Topics covered include

  • Introduction to Embedded Systems and Microcontroller-Based Circuit Design
  • Microcontroller Instruction Set Architecture
  • Assembly Language Programming and General Purpose Digital I/O
  • C Programming Review
  • C and the Compiler
  • Debugging Software and Hardware
  • Threads, Tasks and Simple Scheduling
  • Threaded Program Design
  • Using and Programming Interrupts
  • Real-Time Operating Systems
  • Serial Communication Peripherals
  • Digital I/O Peripherals: T/C and PWM
  • Analog I/O Peripherals
  • Simulation Design and Debugging
  • Performance Analysis
Pre-Requisites:C- or better in ECE 209 and ECE 212
Restrictions:Department Consent Required
Credits: 3