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We are committed to enhancing your relationship with our Department, our current students and your fellow alumni. Here you will find ways to stay in contact with old classmates, keep up with the goings-on of the ECE Department, find out how to network with others in your profession, and learn how to lend your support towards the ECE faculty and staff.
Alumna receives Skip Ellis Early Career Award

Alumna receives Skip Ellis Early Career Award

Tawana Dillahunt, a computer engineering alumna and associate professor at the University of Michigan named the inaugural recipient of the CRA-WP Skip Ellis Early Career Award.

ECE Alumni Hall of Fame

The purpose of this extraordinary honor is to celebrate the accomplishments of our outstanding graduates who have used their education to excel in a profession, career, or service. With more than 15,000 ECE alumni, only a select number will be chosen as ECE Hall of Fame members, making this a truly noteworthy distinction.

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You joined a community for life on the day you enrolled at NC State, and the pride, loyalty and relationships that you built on campus will long outlast your student days. They are for life.

Keep in contact with your fellow alumni by making sure all your NC State Alumni Association information is up-to-date. Both the College of Engineering and the ECE Department use this information to stay in contact with you.

Updating your NC State Alumni Association Information

  • Change your address and other contact information at alumni_address@ncsu.edu.
  • Update your information online, visit Wolfpack Connect. Once you register, you can view your listing and make changes.
  • Use the Class Notes tool for publication online and, at your request, NC State magazine.

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