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Six-legged first responders who can locate you in the rubble – brought to you by ECE.

Who would’ve thought that releasing a swarm of biobot cockroaches would be a good thing? What if we fit them with electronic backpacks to control their movements, analyze their surroundings, and communicate with aerial drones to find survivors in collapsed buildings?

We’re doing it. Electrical and Computer Engineers use bold thinking and tenacious ingenuity to find new ways to save lives while creating the unexpected.

ECE – The Future is what we do.

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Out of the Lab and Into the World

Three NC State ECE faculty members are 2019 recipients of fund awards from Chancellor’s Innovation Fund as they develop microneedle patches and fast chargers for electric vehicles.

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Tracking the Movement of Cyborg Cockroaches

New research from North Carolina State University's Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering offers insights into how far and how fast cyborg cockroaches - or biobots - move when exploring new spaces. The work moves researchers closer to their goal of using...

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