Chow Receives NSF Award for Multi-Rate Systems Research

August 15, 2008

Dr. Mo-Yuen Chow, ECE Department, NC State University
Dr. Mo-Yuen Chow, ECE Department, NC State University

Mo-Yuen Chow has been awarded $197,984 by the National Science Foundation for research on GOALI: Ais Gene Library Based Real-time Resource Allocation On Time-sensitive Large-scale Multi-rate Systems.

The award will run from September 1st, 2008 to August 31st, 2011.

Research Abstract - In this project, we propose to use Gene Library to classify and detect abnormality in vehicle movements in various traffic environments and to provide optimal real-time sampling rate adaptations and emergency interventions. The gene library stores relevant information in the memory for real-time fetching to avoid on demand optimization and computation. Artificial Immune Systems (AIS) optimization is used to tune the gene library so that the gene library can be used in real-time as well as can adapt to its environment for optimal solutions. The primary purpose of IDEA is to prevent accident caused by abnormal behavior of the impaired drivers during driving. At this phase, the attention is directed at assistive technology which warns the driver and drivers in the impact neighborhood of potential safety problem and generates the necessary corrective commands only under emergency situations. In order to achieve this goal, we propose to use the Intelligent Space (iSpace) concept, which is to integrate globally distributed sensor agents, distributed actuator agents, and distributed controller agents over networks to make optimal local decisions which cannot otherwise be achieved.