Solihin Publishes New Parallel Architecture Textbook

October 22, 2008

Prof. Yan Solihin has written a new textbook, called "Fundamentals of Parallel Computer Architecture."  The book covers concepts, technologies, and implementations of parallel computer architectures.

Dr. Yan Solihin, ECE Department, NC State University
Dr. Yan Solihin, ECE Department, NC State University

Parallel computers use multiple processors to work together on a single problem.  They have long been used in high-performance computing, and are becoming increasingly common in desktop and laptop systems with the advent of dual-core and quad-core processors.  In the future, most computer systems will include multiple processors, so the techniques described in the book are important for every computer system designer.

The focus of the book is on shared memory multiprocessors, in which processors communication through globally-shared data storage.  Unlike most architecture texts, this one starts with an extensive treatment of parallel programming.  The software techniques used to write parallel programs must be understood, so that the architectural features to support those programs can be fully appreciated.  The remaining chapters cover the fundamental technologies used to build multiprocessors: memory hierarchy, cache coherence protocols, memory consistency models, and interconnection networks.

The textbook provides an extensive introduction to parallel architecture concepts, with detailed examples and exercises.  It is intended for introductory graduate-level classes, and is currently being used as the text for ECE/CSC 506.

Yan Solihin is an Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering.  He received his PhD from the University of Illinois, and joined the NC State faculty in 2002.  He founded and leads the Architecture Research for Performance, Reliability, and Security (ARPERS) group, and is an active member of the Center for Efficient, Scalable, and Reliable Computing (CESR).

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