Kim Receives HRL Laboratories Award for Carbon Electronics Research

November 05, 2008

Dr. Ki Wook Kim, ECE Department, NC State University
Dr. Ki Wook Kim, ECE Department, NC State University

Ki Wook Kim and Marco Buongiorno-Nard have been awarded $197,443 by HRL Laboratories for research on Theory and Modeling of Graphene-Based Carbon Electronics for RF Applications.

The award will run from November 3rd, 2008 to December 30th, 2009.

Research Abstract - As a member of the team led by HRL on carbon electronics for RF applications, the NCSU participants will perform state-of-the-art first principles electronic/phonon structure calculations of graphene nanostructures based on Density Functional Theory for band structure engineering, and conduct transport simulations to establish the relevant properties (such as the velocity vs. field characteristics) leading to the optimal device design.  Once completed successfully, this research effort will provide a multi-scale modeling hierarchy where the results of the first principles calculations will be used as parameters of macroscopic models for the evaluation of carrier scattering rates, mobility mechanisms, carrier transport and in general develop realistic transport models in graphene based electronic devices.