Alan Rogers awarded Certificate of Excellence at Undergrad Research Symposium

August 05, 2005
We are delighted to announce that Alan L. Rogers ('06 EE major) has been awarded a Certificate of Excellence for his poster presentation at the NCSU Undergraduate Research Symposium (04 Aug 2005, McKimmon Center). His poster reported on his summer progress on research with Dr. Michael Escuti (Asst Prof ECE).

"Using Fluid Immersion and Phase-Shifted Exposures to Achieve Sub-50nm Periods with Holographic Lithography"

A brief abstract of Alan's work (poster can be seen at

Holographic lithography is a technique for creating large areas of nano-structures with unique advantages compared to more standard forms of photolithography. With holographic lithography, it is possible to fabricate structures with:
  • very large, uniform areas
  • feature sizes traditionally smaller than 100nm
  • nearly any two or three-dimensional periodic stucture
  • a fast and inexpensive procedure
We propose to combine two relatively unexplored methods of overcoming size limitations and fabricate holographic structures below 50 nanometers (in SU-8 negative tone photoresist). The two techniques are: (1) Liquid immersion to overcome limitations on the incident angle; and (2) Multiple exposures to decrease feature size without affecting other parameters.

Consistent patterning of nanostructures below 50 nanometers could lead to future applications in:
  • High density magnetic memory
  • High throughput and accurate biomolecular filtering
  • Large-scale nanowire fabrication for nanoelectronics
  • Quantum dot fabrication for photonics applications