Guru Mathur received Best Student Paper Award at IEEE conference on Nanotechnology

August 15, 2005
Guru Mathur, a graduate student working with Dr. Veena Misra (Associate professor in the department of ECE), received the Best Student Paper Award at the IEEE-NANO 2005, the 5th IEEE conference on Nanotechnology held in Nagoya, Japan between July 11 and 15, 2005, for his paper titled "Threshold Voltage Assisted Reduction of Molecules in Hybrid Silicon/Molecular Memory Devices". Srivardhan Gowda and Dr. Veena Misra are co-authors of this paper.

Guru Mathur's research is in the area of Molecular Electronics, which is a cross-disciplinary effort between Dr. Misra, Dr. Lindsey (Dept. of Chemistry, NCSU), Dr. Bocian (Dept. of Chemistry, UCR) and Zettacore, Inc. This work is based on information storage in organic molecules for next generation Flash and DRAM memory devices. The use of organic molecules in a CMOS platform has several key advantages including scalability to molecular dimensions, synthetic tunability of molecules to acheive desired electronic properties, low power, multiple state memory device and ease of integration with existing CMOS processes. The scientists in this project have already demonstrated that organic molecules indeed have memory functionality. More information about this project can be found at