Schurig Awarded for Transformation Optical Metamaterials Research

November 12, 2009

Dr. David Schurig
Dr. David Schurig

David Schurig has been awarded $402,633 by Duke University for research on Transformation Optical Metamaterials.

The award will run from September 28th, 2009 to July 14th, 2014.

Research Abstract - As part of the fulfillment of the proposed research by the Duke lead team in response to BAA 08-019, NCSU personnel will perform analytical, simulation, design and fabrication tasks. The NCSU effort will focus on the design and fabrication of optical elements, particularly those with near field imaging capability, including near field magnifiers (also known as hyper lenses).  Coordinate transformations that correspond near field optical elements will be examined subject to constraints that lead to less extreme material properties, thus facilitating implementation. Unit cells and layouts will be examined with consideration of sample fabrication and measurement issues, for implementations at frequencies up to and including the infrared range.