Orion Pozo Announces Availability of Ei Compendex

December 03, 2002
Orion Pozo, NC State Libraries Collection Manager for Engineering is pleased to announce the availability of Ei Compendex, a comprehensive interdisciplinary engineering database. With over six million summaries of journal articles, technical reports, and conference papers and proceedings in electronic form, dating from 1970 forward, the index lists publications from around the world, including approximately 2,600 journals, publications of engineering societies and organizations, approximately 600 conferences per year, technical reports, and monographs. Mr. Pozo stated that the current offering covers an additional 20 years of indexing of the engineering literature--our previous coverage was from 1990 to the present. Ei Compendex, produced by Elsevier Engineering Information Inc., adds 220,000 new selections every year. Subjects covered include: civil, energy, environmental, geological, and biological engineering; electrical, electronics, and control engineering; chemical, mining, metals, and fuel engineering; mechanical, automotive, nuclear, and aerospace engineering; computers, robotics, and industrial robots.