Franzon Gives IMAPS 2009 Keynote Address

December 08, 2009

Dr. Paul Franzon delivering the keynote address at IMAPS 2009 
Dr. Paul Franzon delivering the keynote address at IMAPS 2009

Dr. Paul Franzon gave the keynote address at IMAPS 2009, the 42nd International Symposium on Microelectronics.

Franzon's presentation, Creating 3D Specific Systems - Medium and Long Term Perspectives, discussed the system advantages of 3D stacking and integration.  The talk explored application drivers and design for 3D ICs and how interconnect-rich applications especially benefit.

Critical issues include design planning, test management, and thermal management. Application drivers were described with a focus on DSP applications. It was explained how they had developed a CAD environment for 3D design, based largely on extensions to commercial tools. This CAD flow has been used by over 15 teams designing 3DICs. Innovations in this flow include whole-chip thermal analysis, and true 3D design and design planning.

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