Innovator's Forum Events-October

October 17, 2005
Monday, October 24, 2005
Time: 5:30-7:00
Place: Larry K. Monteith Research Center (MRC)
NC State University Centennial Campus
2410 Campus Shore Drive
Raleigh, NC 27606

Entrepreneur Presentations:
Joshua Whiton, CEO

Founded by NCSU Alumni in 2004, TransLoc specializes in the collection and presentation of real-time transit information. TransLoc’s first product, the Transit Visualization SystemTM (TVS), continuously displays the location of vehicles and animates their motion against a detailed map of recognizable buildings and landmarks. The TVS is helping public transit riders save time, stay safe, and have more control over their schedules while enabling transit administrators to manage their fleets with unprecedented clarity.

This technology represents several firsts in the Intelligent Transportation Industry. Never before has an entire fleet of vehicles been shown continuously moving in their transit environment. It is also significant that we are bringing this level of awareness to riders and administrators alike, via the web. Our services have been provisioned by North Carolina’s largest university and are viewable at:

It is easy to imagine a day when every university and city has such a system and TransLoc can make it happen.

Kyma Technologies Inc.
“Leveraging University Collaboration to Achieve Value in a Start-Up Company”
Keith Evans, President and CEO, Kyma Technologies Inc., Raleigh, NC

Technology based start-up companies are often faced with a chicken-and-egg situation: they cannot create a sale-able product without investment capital and they cannot raise investment capital without a functioning product prototype. This is a particular challenge for companies which are commercializing enabling technologies such as materials for semiconductors, where the potential transformational impact on a market is high yet the only indirect proof-of-concept demonstrations may be financially possible prior to forming a company. In these cases, the economic value-add is through the sale of a product, but the protected market position is through new materials know-how and intellectual property. In this talk, strategies for overcoming this barrier to product realization through university collaboration will be presented as well as the plan for executing this strategy in an emerging growth company.