Andrew Stein Receives NC State Employee Award of Excellence

June 06, 2011

Andrew Stein, Senior Web Developer of the WolfTech Support Group
Andrew Stein, Senior Web Developer of the WolfTech Support Group

Andrew Stein, a Senior Web Developer for the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and WolfTech Support Group, has been awarded a Employee Award of Excellence from the College of Engineering.

The award recognizes the accomplishments and achievements of permanent NC State employees.

This isn't the first time Andrew has received recognition for his achievements.  In 2007 and 2011, he received the Pride of the Wolfpack award.  The Pride of the Wolfpack award is an "on the spot" award designed to recognize NC State employees for a special or unique contribution to their college/unit or the University.

Among Andrew's qualifying accomplishments include development of and the maintenance of GradWatch. GradWatch is a web application that tracks an entire graduate student's lifecycle -- annually tracking an average of 600 students.  The tool consolidates numerous campus sources of graduate student data that alleviates the need for spreadsheets and automates internal processes and reports.  The scripts created by Andrew for have been adopted by the Graduate School to replace other software, saving an estimated $10,000.

"In short, Andrew is not only capable and hardworking but clever and innovative.  These talents have made him extremely valuable, if not irreplaceable in ECE," said Dr. Joel Trussell, former Director of Graduate Programs, ECE.

Andrew is also responsible for the web application called ADToolKit.  ADToolKit assists in managing the campus's Active Directory computer network of about 10,000 computers.  His tool takes care of provisioning and updating user accounts for anyone that logs into a campus computer.  Andrew continues to develop the tool in order to address every support solution the campus support community asks for.

Andrew Stein with co-worker Daniel Pisciottano
Andrew Stein with co-worker Daniel Pisciottano

Have you taken a moment to stop and read an announcement on a digital sign in a campus building?  One hundred and fifty of these screens across campus (including every screen in D. H. Hill Library) are powered by the WolfTech application "Billboard v3" written and maintained by Andrew.  The system currently serves out over 1650 unique slides to the campus community and more screens are installed every week.

"I also deeply appreciated Andrew's commitment to improving the Billboard system to make it an ever better method of communicating with the campus community.  I have made many suggestions for improvements over the years and Andrew has responded to all with speed and elegance.  He is, in the best sense, the ideal colleague," said Keith Morgan, NCSU Libraries.

Andrew's role among the WolfTech Support Group is to create web-based applications that serve the department -- with a focus on GradWatch.