Dr. Tania Paskova and Dr. John Muth Receive Award For Research by the National Science Foundation

July 06, 2012

Dr. John Muth
Dr. John Muth

Dr. Tania Paskova and Dr. John Muth have been awarded $383,532 by the National Science Foundation for research on III-Nitride LED Structures on Sidewall Grown Semipolar Facets.

The award will run from July 1st, 2012 to June 30th, 2015.

Research Abstract

The proposed research addresses a long-standing issue of growing importance to the nitride-based optoelectronic technology, namely the internal quantum efficiency of nitride emitters in green-yellow region, and how the nonpolar/semipolar alignment of the active device regions can help to improve the device performance.  An in-depth investigation will be undertaken to gain a comprehensive understanding of the basic properties of semipolar GaN/InGaN LED structures produced by lateral sidewall growth. The dominating growth mechanisms, the defect formation and evolution, the In and doping element incorporation efficiency, and the strain in structures with different semipolar orientations will be studied, aiming to establish the best approach for producing low-defect-density semipolar LED structures with enhanced internal quantum efficiency.